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112 pages numbered in inverse with jacket and divider
Size : 21X13 cm
17,95 € each
Once the cover off, she will discover a classic notebook « Le Papier » in the color you will have chose for her.

Le Papier take care of lovers.

Boys who love boys, who love girls who love girls who love boys who love girls….all the lovers.

We thought about that paper cover adaptable on our classic notebook A5 to spread the love around us.

112 pages full of tenderness and sometimes a bit of naughtiness ; )

We also thought about an alternative with a game on page 4, in the case of your date would not happen just like you imagine and you need something to keep your mind busy. 

Put more simply, it’s a pretty notebook. Because that’s already a lot and surely plenty anough.

Imagined in all its details in France, our notebooks are manifactured with the greatest of care in Bacrcelona, a city reknown for the excellence and savoir-faire of its printers and makers.


is a young brand of luxury notebook, born in willing of resisting the digital world around. We designed with care our notebook "Le Papier fait de la résistance" for many uses : notebook, sketches, drawings, pocket diary, memento or even as a travelbook. We also give you a way to make your own customized notebook, for your company gifts. . merci

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